Do you want to be featured in Kencar Fashion Magazine?

Are you ready to take on runways all over the WORLD?

Are you ready to be the next face of Kencar Fashion Magazine?


Who/What We're Looking For...

  • We're looking for men and women ages 2-60 years old to represent Kencar.  Our clients need athletic, plus size, lifestyle, high fashion/couture and commercial looks.
  • Models of ALL ethnicities and backgrounds.
  • Female models who wish to do runway must be 5'7 and taller and Males must be 5'9 and taller.  NO EXCEPTIONS! No height requirement for print.
  • Models must be trained and have photo and runway experience or be willing to be trained by Kencar.
  • No visible tattoos or tattoos must be fully covered with make up BEFORE all photo shoots/shows/events. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Must be able to work in the United States. (If based in USA)
  • Must have VALID Passport for travel.
  • Must have a great personality and considerate to others.
  • Must love to work hard.
  • Self- confidence a plus.
  • Must always be on time.
  • Must always represent Kencar Fashion Magazine with class, poise, and strength.
  • Must SMILE!

For Models Outside the USA:

Kencar Fashion Magazine will provide:

  • Invitation letter ***
  • Job letter
  • Airline Ticket
  • Hotel Lodging


After registration fee has been submitted and being invited to become a Kencar Model we will provide airline ticket and hotel for jobs all over the world. All Models must have own current passport, visas (if applicable) travel vaccinations (if applicable). If you're experiencing difficulties paying your registration fee online email for alternative pay options.

Registered Kencar Model VS Working for Kencar On Call:

As a registered Kencar Model there are many perks with the biggest one being guaranteed work and *FREE international travel! Working with Kencar On Call means being casted for an event, photo shoot or fashion show for that ONE time. Kencar MODELS will always be considered for jobs FIRST with higher pay. If you'd like to be considered for our upcoming events, photo shoots and the Kencar Fashion Show as a Kencar On Call send photos to with the subject Kencar On Call. To become a Kencar Model register by filling out the form below and submitting your registration fee, you will receive a message from a correspondent prompting you for your order number and photos. 

Kencar Model Perks:

  • *FREE International Travel
  • FREE Hotel/Lodging for International Trips
  • Features in Kencar Fashion Magazine Issues
  • Features in Kencar International Fashion Shows
  • Host opportunities with Kencar Fashion TV
  • Prints from Kencar Fashion Magazine photo shoots
  • Excellent pay**



**Kencar Fashion Magazine will be airing its first season soon, models interested in being a part of the cast must register as a Kencar Model before being considered!**

Kencar Model: Evasen Pillay

Kencar Model: Evasen Pillay

Model: Chanelle

Model: Chanelle

What We Need From Kencar Model Hopefuls

  • First, you must register with us by completing the Model form below
  • Wait for Kencar's email with further instructions
  • Have your photos/comp cards including: headshots, full body and active pictures ready.
  • Like Kencar Fashion Magazine on Facebook
  • Follow @KencarMagazine on Twitter
  • Submit small registration fee of $50.00 USD (applicants will not be viewed if fee is not submitted)
Model: Charli Fletcher

Model: Charli Fletcher

Name *

Registration fees are NON-Refundable


**Newly registered Kencar Models must go through unpaid trial period for first 3 photo shoots/events. Not all events and photo shoots are paid.

***Kencar Fashion Magazine is not responsible for your invitation letter, Visa application or entrance to ANY country, being denied, please consult the represented Embassy in your country.

*All International travel is not guaranteed to all models.