Is Gun Control Out of Control?

A Gun Problem or A People Problem?

By: Tori Mitchell

The Oregon shooter's father asks "How is it so easy to get all these guns?" He stated he doesn't know where his son got the weapons. He also states that the blame in deadly school attacks are caused by guns. With slogans like "guns don't kill people, people do." It's hard to believe the father of the Oregon shooter believes his son has no blame. He states if nobody sold him the guns that the shooting wouldn't of happened which is true but as a parent, wouldn't you be concerned that your child was having thoughts of killing other people?

Jason Johnson, a student who was killed during the shooting was a newly converted Christian who had begun a journey to a better life according to his mother. Lawrence Levine a 67 year old teacher and skilled fisherman, was described as a gentle, kind and thoughtful person by his longtime friend David Furman. Lucas Eibel, 18, who was a quadruplet who studied chemistry and loved animals was also killed.

In total 9 people were killed and 9 injured. Some survivors were shot with bullets near the spine, one was shot 7 times and one with a serious head injury.

With all that being said, does America feel like the gun policy desperately need to be changed? A recent poll by the Huffington Post states that 27% say gun control laws should stay the same, whereas 55% say they should be stricter. While 12% say laws should be eased. But of course this poll was taken just days after Oregon's tragedy.

Are guns the problem? Well without guns we'd have less instances like this one. But the natural rebuttal is our right to bear arms. It's our right as an American to protect ourselves with a registered weapon. What about the weapons that get in the wrong hands? Where are the policies for that? Guns have always been an issue, it's been crawling around neighborhoods in Chicago where young black boys are shooting one another, this isn't anything new. Especially with the types of weapons everyday people can get access to.

We as citizens of this country can use our voice to make a difference and we can start in our own neighborhoods what can you do to stop gun violence?