Kencar Fashion Magazine LLC, was founded by a single mother who for so many years was taking her daughter to numerous castings and auditions for fashion runway shows and movies throughout the United States.  This company was founded with the principal beliefs of Christianity and the love of God, so we use this belief as our core foundation to build a successful and thriving company. At Kencar Fashion Magazine LLC, we believe that God created each one of us beautiful and without mistakes and it's because of that, we encourage all men and women to embrace their beauty and the skin they're living in.  Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and that is God's ultimate design.

Kencar Fashion Magazine LLC believes that fashion in its complexities are made simple by the people that wear them.  The beauty in fashion is second to the way a person feels wearing them, from a simple sexy black dress to a well tailored suit, so take this journey with us.


For Fans/Readers/Event Attendees:

Kencar Fashion Magazine always represents ALL kinds of beauty, in our models, designers, actors, dancers, musicians and even where we hold our events! We take pride in our ability to travel the world hosting fashion shows, talent shows, beauty pagents, parties, galas, music festivals, you name it! So far we've hosted shows and events in NYC during New York Fashion Week and Africa Fashion Week in NYC, Ghana & Nigeria, Africa, Trinidad and Tobago Fashion Week, Miami Fashion Week, Hartford CT, London, Berlin and Tokyo just to name a few! We love holding events especially so our fans and readers have a chance to meet us, the models, the designers and not to mention recieve really great gifts and offers! Kencar Fashion Magazine always represents class, beauty, fun and of course FASHION! We can't wait to see you at our next event!


For Designers:

Kencar Fashion Magazine aims to feature all the best designs from all over the world giving up and coming designers the whole world as their audience! Showcase your designs around the globe.


For Models:

Kencar Fashion Magazine is a safe haven for models of all kinds! We take care of our models with excellent pay, free trips around the world, photo shoots, runway shows keeping our models busy and always WORKING! We know what it's like to be frustrated with finding work, at KCFM we always look out for you.


Our motto: For the new and up and coming